Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Start of something new...

Hello and salutations. Welcome to a new and wonderful blog about REAL ALE.

Now, while you’re thinking “oh no, another Real Ale blog”, this one we hope will be a little different and a little bit more experimental. Let us explain,


This is me...

A slightly balding, very beardey 32 
year old who has an affection for 
anything Ale wise.

This is my beautiful other half, Kerry...

A 24 year old care worker who for some 
unknown reason loves me (and Ale and 
Cheese – Not sure which she loves 
more though…)

Now where as we both love ale, Kerry has a more general look and take on it, She either loves it or doesn’t and that’s where we differ.

I’ll be trying to bring you the concise tasting notes and general musings while Kerry will bring you tasting notes for those that like ale but aren’t as big into it or find it harder to distinguish flavours.

Hopefully, with a few laughs and spills along the way, we will bring you a journey that will  keep you coming back for more.

Along with the ales we hope to be frank, open and honest in bringing you reviews of pubs we visit around the country. Many of these will originally start in York but with the time (and money) we will endeavor to bring you feedback from all of our visits.

Gareth & Kerry

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