Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A New Direction...?

Yeah It’s been a while. A little too long for our liking so let’s start this with a bang. Well maybe not a bang but a little paragraph.

We’ve had feedback recently, both positive, negative and constructed. Some people loved our blog, some people saw the potential and offered ways to improve and others where just rude.

We appreciate the feedback from those that have given and are constructive and we will take some of this on board. We are not trying to conform, or, trying to look like others out there or even trying to be the best. We are just 2 people, sharing our views and hoping some people enjoy the read.

From now on we will Blog on here in a shortened version, maybe even giving a taster of a fuller article that will appear on our NEW Facebook page.. This, we thought, will allow those that like to read our longer Blogs continue to do so and those that don’t just read the shorter version on here.
Happy reading guys.

So let’s kick off with a little piece about our recent trip to the Big Smoke. It was Kerry’s birthday weekend away and I included an ale trail into the events of the weekend.

This is a snippet of the full piece on our FB page.

Euston Tap.

It appears very small from the exterior. Pleasantly surprised by the amount of beers available on tap and how they are arranged on the wall rather than the bar. A good bottle selection and spiral staircase leading to the upstairs seating area. This provides an element of quirkiness to this newish edition to the ‘Tap’ franchise.

Sunny Republic Huna Red.

G - No nose. Starts off with no taste but leads towards a taste reminiscent of Ready Salted crisps. Citrus hops give it a dry edge.
K - I understand the ready salted crisp thing. Has quite a dry finish. Nothing really characteristic about it but not unpleasant.

Hope you enjoy the read.

Gareth & Kerry

Life in the reALE World BLOG

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